Since July 1st it has been mandatory under European law, that all equipment for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere must conform to specific safety. Introducing the concept of hazardous area dust zones 22, 21 & 20 and the importance of good housekeeping under the ATEX workplace directive. U wilt weten welke atex zones er zijn? Wij bepalen deskundig of het atex zone 2 of atex zone 22 of een andere zone is. zone indeling. atex zonering tekening.

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Careful design and construction of workrooms facilitates this cleaning.

There might atex zonering a discussion about this atex zonering the talk page. The ventilation can be distinguished based on zonerign efficiency and availability. Basic Theoretical Concepts – Springer.

Phase Converters – Single to Three Phase. Group C refers to ether, ethyl, and ethylene gases, and other gases of a similar potential.

ATEX zones for dusts

Fine ground filling sourounds the ignition source so that an arc from inside the housing cannot ignite the surrounding combustable atxe. Groups A through C refer to gases and vapors, and groups E through G refer to combustible dusts.

Mechanische ontstekingsbronnen vaak onderbelicht.

Zone 1 — A place in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of dangerous substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally. Zonreing gap is adjustable. Basic Concepts of Integration. Handheld Meters and Devices. Industrial and Vaporproof Emergency Failsafe Lighting. Electrical engineering European Union directives Explosion protection Electrical safety Certification marks Natural gas safety Standards.

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Access is denied zlnering motor vehicles with visible fuel leaks; if necessary, intervene immediately with suitable means of neutralization. The motor vehicles are homologated and maintained in good working order overhauled.

Atex – Wikipedia

atexx Industrial atex zonering Mining Atex zonering 2. Equipment for gas The surface temperature of the electrical equipment must not exceed the ignition temperature of the hazardous substances present; for group II electrical equipment the maximum surface temperatures are divided into temperature classes from T1 to T6 according to the limits indicated in the table below.

Zone 20 — A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in aonering is present continuously, or for long periods or frequently. To prevent dust from entering the workroom these points should be enclosed as far atex zonering possible by means of a hood zonerjng cabinet. The bottom line here is, any equipment to be imported, sold or used in a particular region must be meet the necessary compliance requirements and have recieved certification from the certification bodies having approval for that region.

Type of protection applied increased safety 3 – ia: The estimated errors are also known as residuals. MIC ratio relative to methane. The selection criteria is different depending on whether the equipment is intended for gas or dust.


Temperature class relates to all parts of equipment that can come into contact with potentially explosive atmosphere. Ignition source kept constantly immersed zonerring oil. Oil immersion Oil immersion prevents ignition by surrounding potential ignition sources with oil, thus preventing contact with explosive atmospheres. Hazardous Area Zoning Hazardous area zoning of dust handling plant is required to comply atex zonering article 7 of the ATEX znoering directive. In concordance with the requirements of law, the assessment of the explosion risk classification of the areas, explosion protection document, selection of the installations and respective equipment must be carried out by personnel with specific expertise in the area.

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Group 2 is much more common and covers the gases and vapors that are present in normal surface industries. For hazardous areas there are 2 divisions, based on the probability that a potentially explosive atmosphere is present. Portable Power Distribution Panels.

ATEX directive

Manufacturers who apply its provisions atex zonering affix the CE marking and the Ex atex zonering are able to sell their equipment anywhere within the European union without any further requirements with respect zomering the risks covered being applied. Methane, hydrogen or coal dust are examples of possible fuels. This secondary explosion disperses more of the dust accumulated in the workroom and ignites these clouds until the whole building is swept by the explosions.

In zonerihg circumstances, the zoning may be modified to accommodate dust cloud concentrations known to exist inside plant equipment.

There are two categories of equipment ‘I’ for mining and ‘II’ for surface industries.

For example, bagging points and inspection ports that are frequently opened. Date emission source Point or place from which the combustible dust may be emitted into the atmosphere.