Bartkowiak Z. – Biomedyczne podstawy rozwoju i wychowania. WSiP, Warszawa Jopkiewicz A. – Biologiczne podstawy rozwoju człowieka. ITiE, Kielce Title: Biomedyczne podstawy rozwoju i wychowania; Authors: Jopkiewicz, Andrzej (wychowanie fizyczne) · Suliga, Edyta; Subject: Ontogeneza; Publication . Author: Andrzej Jopkiewicz (wychowanie fizyczne), Edyta Suliga. Find On: find on find on Users who own: 1. Users who want: 0.

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What is ecosystem management? Reasons for abandonment and expectations of re-engagement. American Journal of Epidemiology.

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Institution of Civil Engineers, pp. Association between dietary patterns and metabolic syndrome in individuals with normal weight: Obesity Reviews,vol. Growth and maturation problems of children and social inequality during economic liberalization in Central and Eastern Europe. Variation in sport participation, fitness and motor coordination with socioeconomic status among Flemish children.

Edyta Suliga – Cytowania w Google Scholar

How one should under stand the biological minimum of daily movement activity and how important it is for the human health? Development of Human Biology. Physical Education of Students.

Hig 57 1, World Development Indicators Database. The motor performance progression of future undergraduate students of physical education.

The recreational use of beaches and consequences for the development of new trends in management: Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine 22 3 How much is a clean beach worth?


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Biomedyczne podstawy rozwoju i wychowania

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Psychologica Belgica,vol. The reconfiguration of Eastern finland as an interface periphery. Nutritional behaviours of pregnant women in rural and urban environments E Suliga Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine 22 3 Parental education and wychwania environmental influence on physical development, nutritional habits as well as level of physical activity bkomedyczne Polish children and adolescents E Suliga Anthropologischer Anzeiger 68 1, The relationship between socio-economic status and physical activity patterns in South African children.


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Prolib Integro – Biomedyczne podstawy rozwoju i wychowania

How one should understand the biological minimum of daily movement activity and how important it is for the human health? Final report from a joint NICE research project. American Journal of Human Biology.

Statistical tables [Tablice statystyczne].