The Self Illusion. How the Social Brain Creates Identity. Bruce Hood. Paperback of the successful hardcover that sold over 4, copies in the US alone in its first . 23 May Bruce Hood, Ph.D Experiencing a self illusion may have tangible functional benefits in the way we think and act, but that does not mean that it. 24 May What could it mean to say that the self is an illusion? Here’s Bruce Hood, author of the new book The Self Illusion, in an interview at Sam Harris’.

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Hood argues that our protean personalities allow us to adapt to new surroundings. Much like the way we feel like we are seeing a continuous, coherent picture of the world with via our eyes but our vision is really a kludgy, imperfect but sufficiently accurate model of what’s out there.

Well, one thing is for certain Examination of the self has traditionally been a philosophical issue but there’s little philosophy here and where it exists it’s incredibly elementary. It is faster, more economical, and more efficient to treat others as a self rather than as a collection of brain activities.

I certainly have one, and I do not doubt that others do as well — an autonomous individual with a coherent identity and sense of free will. My father was a journalist and plied illuison art on variou I was born in Toronto, Canada, and ollusion middle name is MacFarlane. This is partly a conceptual problem and partly a problem of dualism.

With that said, let’s talk! Eastern philosophy give us a spiritual outlook. The self is an illus Hood’s thesis is that the self is an illusion, but what this means is not clear. Your conscious mind is a spin-doctor, not a commander in chief; it weaves a coherent narrative from your thoughts even when your thoughts create cognitive dissonance between your beliefs and new information.

While the notion of the self as illusion might seem disheartening, Hood maintains that our carefully constructed selves are what allow us to continue operating as social animals, “And that, in the end, is a good thing. An experience requires, at a minimum an experiencer e. We have a second daughter now, and we all live in a medieval illuxion with mice. This is an age that could use some serious examination of the nature of the self, and while this book doesn’t live up to its title, it is a good start.


The Self Illusion: Why There is No ‘You’ Inside Your Head [Extract]

To me, the problem of free will is a logical impasse — we cannot choose the factors that ultimately influence what we do and think. And I hoo that it’s absurd for someone to tell me that I don’t exist. Again, this doesn’t inspire me to put much faith in your thoughts.

The Passionate Muse Keith Oatley. Nonetheless, this book was well written, relating much of what recent research is telling us about us.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Great comment to Harris’s interview by the poster above. Would be interesting to hear Dr. There is evidence of homophily — the grouping together of individuals who share a common perspective, which is not too surprising. May 13, Paul R.

Stanford psychologist, Phil Zimbardo argues that you can make good people evil by putting them in toxic situations. Some of the typos and omissions are so bad that they completely negate the intended point, e. So while the self illusion suggests an sef tautology, I think this is only a superficial problem. The book does ask this question a number of times but never really answers it.

Oxford, [England] ; New York: I hope you don’t mind if I quote you on that Here are some of my favourite snips not necessarily relevant to the discussion about self. The Philosophy of Information Luciano Floridi.

I think they failed to appreciate that the self illusion explains so many aspects of human behavior as well as our attitudes toward others. Like the science fiction movie, we are living in a matrix that is our mind. Your response to me was already written 1 million years ago, and any response you have to this new post won’t be a carefully considered opinion, but just the results of atoms banging around in your brain as the result of the stimulus provided by my words.

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The Self Illusion – Hardcover – Bruce Hood – Oxford University Press

Nor does he do much to justify his claim that the self is socially generated a claim I’m generally inclined to agree with other than give a laundry list of ways in which social interaction is important for development. It’s flawed, but it works, having a coherent identity works, because there is being, that has to be accounted for, in all this self-defining. Roy Baumeister found that by getting students to monitor and control their posture over two weeks, they were much better on experiments that measured self-control compared to those who lounged around.

This “analysis” is to psychological science what alchemy is to chemistry. Second, as the philosopher Gilbert Ryle pointed out, in searching for the self, one cannot simultaneously be the hunter and the hunted, and I think that is a dualistic problem if we think we can objectively examine our own minds independently, because our mind and self are both generated by the brain. But even the interpreter would be insufficient on its own to sustain the self without many other specialized centers of the brain, and the rest of the body that supports it.

The Madness of Crowds 7.

Hoood this is what you mean by “the self is an illusion” then I guess I agree with your premise but disagree with your choice of words. Not all truth falls in the middle ground, but truth is always exclusive.