This new edition of Accounting Ethics has been comprehensively updated to deal with the Brenda Shay Duska MT, CPA, is currently a manager at Del Pizzo. Accounting Ethics has 29 ratings and 3 reviews. Camilla said: Another book I had to read for school that I actually enjoyed. So for those of you who see. This new edition of Accounting Ethics has beencomprehensively updated to deal with the significant changes withinthe accounting profession.

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His bonus might be tied to how rosy a picture he paints. Finally, if we consider only what is good for ourselves and give self-interested concerns priority over what is good for others and what is fair, we adopt the position of theorists called egoists.

Joseph marked it as to-read Nov 17, Kant calls the motive duty. How can we tell what standards are acceptable, what actions are acceptable, what practices are acceptable? Accounting was a human convention developed to do certain things.

You do not do this because you are sccounting about your long-range self-interest. Expense estimates are based on historical cost of resources consumed.

Accounting Ethics – Ronald Duska, Brenda Shay Duska – Google Books

So in an ideal world accountants would do what they should do and fulfill their responsibilities. Is it fair or just? Robley P Evans rated it liked it Jul 15, You may be able get a bank loan, but not if you report the current inventory on the now-outmoded product at its true value.


This formula of the imperative shows what is wrong with slavery and sex- ism. It should be noted that accounting is, in a sense, what ancient Greeks called an ethos, by which we mean a custom or conven- tion.

But to get clearer about what that job is, we need to look at the nature of accounting. To understand those activities we need to briefly accohnting about the nature of accounting.

If we consider the benefits to society, we are utilitarians. Human activity is an activity for which an individual is responsible, one that he or she does deliberately and can control, one that helps or harms the individual or others, and fuska that is deemed to be either just or unjust, right or wrong.

Many of us were raised with the maxim that the ends do not justify the etnics. Philosopher Thomas Hobbes1 claimed that if we look deeply into human motivation, we can see that all actions are directed by self-interest.

Accounting Ethics, 2nd Edition

We will look into how accounting is both an essential practice and a vital profession. The financial crisis of put more pressure on accountants, specifically relating to the pros and cons of mark-to-market and fair-value accounting. Is there such a thing ethic a true picture? Werhane, Management Ethics 6 Lisa H. Egoism can go too far, however, because always pursuing self-interest leads to selfishness, and selfishness is immoral.


Accounting Ethics

Because nature makes them that way. We will look at two of them: Accounting functions are complex proce- dures. Suppose you borrow money from a friend.

Is it good for society? Next, we will turn our attention to this question: Sections, and promote ethical conduct by the board of direc- tors, corporate executives, and key employees. Furthermore, these good reasons form the basis of ethical principles and are at the core of ethical theory. But there might be a way he is correct. Ross suggests that when prima facie duties conflict, we need to determine an actual duty. Why should an accountant get involved in this study of ethics?

Edlyn Santos marked it as to-read Sep 29, We turn now to the next question. The Basis of Ethical Theory. As an accountant, what are your basic goals?