In all my years of being Exalted fan, there is one subject that hasn’t been addressed that darn well needs to be: Arcane Fate is fucking terrifying. 11 Apr Exalt Type and Caste: Sidereal Chosen of Serenity Anima: A gentle haze of azure light. Anima Power: Grant confidence and serenity to yourself. Creating a Sidereal Exalted according to the following rules is not a time consuming activity. I have read the relevant material and have come across the basics.

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Sidereals are always fated to have become a Sidereal. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Their exaltee charge is to guard the loom of fate and maintain creation. When struck by an enemy attack, the Sidereal may pay 4m to force the enemy to also inflict an identical amount of damage on themselves. Pushed to excel from an early age and benefiting from a level of wealth and privilege unimaginable to the average man, you are the consummate socialite and have first hand experience at dealing with the Terrestrial Exalted.

Should the attack miss, the one who made it instantly acquires a minor principle of ‘I cannot win this battle’, which can be exploited through social influence as normal. And they brought Arcane Fate upon themselves?

Advice on making a 1st time Sidereal : exalted

I have certainly made use of it for my sid characters. This can bring its own power, which is why this background is available. Provided she speaks their language, the Sidereal merely has to amble up to someone’s front door in order to be exzlted as a friend and offered hospitality and accommodation.

The Shogunate and the Realm For the next two hundred or so years, the Sidereals rebuilt Creation from behind the scenes. Her real talent lies in organizing the efforts of others, generally in support to an Exalted overseer but oftentimes exalte independent.

If one of them were to Exalt, your life would be very near complete.

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The next day, she gains three Style dots distributed among various Styles that the Maiden of Secrets believes will be useful to her. Minora knows how to ride a horse and fire a bow with reasonable accuracy, though doing both at exatled is a bit beyond her, and she has kept herself fit through a rigorously observed routine of meditative exercises.


Only get Kaleidoscopic Border of Logic Style if you want to be The attack was not without cost, however, and the Sidereals suffered many casualties as well. Whether it be midnight viewings of the moon or formal negotiations under a flag of truce, the ritual and ceremony of formalized motions serves to calm aggression and bring a meeting of enemies to peaceful conclusion.

NoctumApr 11, Retrieved from ” http: It still involves hard training, but with a lot less of the pressure, and Heaven is surprisingly forward on the whole “let kids have childhoods” front.

Hello guys, so here’s the deal. Then the Great Contagion struck.

Creating your own Sidereal Exalted

When the character has a higher Cognition than her target’s Resolve, she gains a dice bonus on all social influence rolls equal to the difference between the two. In my eyes, a sidereal who finds himself in exalfed of actual combat, faced with physical danger and need for direct action is a sidereal who has badly fucked up fifty steps ssidereal.

The Viziers foretold a Great Prophecy, and after much debate acted on path they thought was best. Arcane Fate or at sidegeal its presentation is probably some component of this that I hope gets scrutinised for 3rd edition.

Human attributes range frombut the gods and monsters of Creation can boast values considerably beyond those. It’s like having a rewind button for your campaign.

When asked, you preferred to make it entirely clear that you were merely an administrator serving your house, because your husband was the satrap. Sidreals, and not in CoCD: If I went with you, bow in hand, it would be like I was blind. To have someone show up out of the blue and insist they are your significant other, whom you have loved for years, and you swear you have never seen them before in your life.


Orchestration of Mirrored Fates – To attack one versed in the way of the Spear is to court death, and only those willing to accept this can hope to emerge victorious. Educated and reasonably well compensated, you neither have nor expect much in the way of glory for your achievements, for when you do a good job it is hard to tell that anything has been done at all. When assisting another with a task, the benefits of the Sidereal’s aid are greatly magnified.

When traveling over a long distance, you cover ground at an implausible exaltrd. Scia you made me giggle because this was exactly what I wanted. Note that this means that Sidereal charms are being separated from their ability scores – this is explained in more detail a little further down the page. It is the simple solutionthe use of brute force to overcome obstacles. That aside, let’s get one with it. The first rule of being a Sidereal is that you’re just a higher-quality kind of exalt than everyone else.

The Sidereal treats her bare skin as being as tough and resistant as steel plate, though this does not stack with actual protective equipment. Their patron is the Maiden Jupiter.

As the Chosen of Mars, they pick which battles occur and which never come to pass. Despite the demands of your role as the satrap’s wife and not being a spy at all you have always had time for her children – and in fact you were publicly condemned by your own mother for doting on them and being too soft.

I mean, you live in Heaven, usurped the Solars, totally stopped the Fair Folk invasion and then ran the world for years.