Marine manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the marine product manual you need at ManualsOnline. Furuno Ls Fish Finder User Manual. Page 1. Ls – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: en este manual. Asi mismo, FURUNO apreciaría cualquier suge- rencia o comentario en relación con el equipo. Características. La FURUNO LS es una.

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Installation Menu Choose On to output input data.

Checking the items listed in the table below monthly will help keep your equipment in good shape for years to come. When the bottom depth increases, the display shift to keep the bottom echo at the lower part of the screen.

Outputs the data sentences of LS and sentences which are input from other equipment. To suppress interference, do thefollowing: Repeat step 1 to ensure that theangle of the sensor is correct. The nav data displays appear on the leftof the screen.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The picture is not refreshed whenpicture advancement is stopped. Troubleshooting table If… Then check … neither echo nor battery voltage. WAAS is currently in the developmental phase.


The start upscreen appears with the maximumbrilliance. The signal line ground is isolated fromthe chassis ground, however the powerline is not insulated.

Furuno Ls4100 User Manual

Below is the basic menu operating procedure. Press the [MARK] key. Position the second cable clamp halfway between the first clamp and the cable hole.

Press the [MARK] key again. The display unit can be installed on adesktop, on the bulkhead or flushmounted in a panel. The unit beeps, the startup screen appears, and then the equipment checks the ROM and RAM for proper operation and displays program number.

Contact yourdealer for connection ofother equipment. The water temperature, arrival and speed alarms require appropriate maual.

Choose the water typewith which to use the LS, fromSalt or Fresh. Repeat step 1 to ensure that the angle of the sensor is correct. Main, System and Installation.

Download Instructions Manuals: Furuno LS Sounders

Page 17 MENU from page 2 on the menu. Setting windows other thanthose on menus are erased if there isno operation within about sevenseconds. Page 9 Single frequency displayDual frequency display50 kHzThe 50 kHz picture appears on the left;the kHz picture on the right. The lower the frequency of the signal, the wider the detection area.

If you cannot restorenormal operation, contact your dealerfor advice. Choose the number ofnavigation data items furumo display on thenav data displays, from two, three orfour items. LowAuto mode options window4. Therefore, the 50 kHz frequency is useful for general detection and judging bottom condition.


Furuno Ls : SONAR User Manual

Fire or electrical shock can result if thepower is left on. Do no turn on the equipment with thetransducer out of water. Apply a sufficient amount of high quality caulking compound to the top surface of the transducer, around the threads of the stuffing tube and inside the mounting hole and fairing It is useful forestimating the kind of fish school andbottom composition.

Do not install the equipment whereair bubbles and noise are present. The following are guidelines forhandling of the transducer cable. Electronic chart display and information system pages.

Theprocedure for this is shown later.

Therefore, any position data should be verified against other sources to confirm reliability. Dual Frequency Display Single frequency display 50 kHz The sounder uses ultrasonic signals to detect bottom conditions. Depth, temperature, speed setting window Mark this mounting hole.