3rd grade independent conversation re: SLOWER THAN THE REST by Cynthia Rylant. Mariam –I jotted that I predicted Leo would have the best project. 25 Oct What do you think the theme is of this short tale? I know it is slow and stead wins the rest but I wanted to break that down better for my students. 20 Mar “Slower than the. Rest” by Cynthia. Rylant is a short story in the collection titled. Every Living Thing. “Charles” by Shirley. Jackson is a short.

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Leo learned that even slow people even have a chance. This is a heart warming story by Cynthia Rylant.

Reading Response Blog Class of Read cynhtia students’ responses and reflections about their reading. Later on when the principal was announcing who had the best presentation he had chosen Leo, and it took him by surprise that he had won.

Dear class, I’m doing a succinct Summary.

Anyway this story is about a boy named leo, who finds a turtle on the highway, and his parents let him keep it. Everybody loves his speech, and he even wins the contest for it! Unfortunately, having a pet turtle made Leo “slower than the rest” in his class, and his seating was changed to sitting in the back of the room with other “slow” kids.

Given these points, I learned from the story that friends can certainly help to make tough situations easier get through. Leo thinks that he and Charlie have a lot in common because Leo is very slow with some school subjects.

Look them up and write their definitions. Friendship is important because friends are always there for you when you need them to help make any situation better, or easier to deal with.

Leo takes Charlie home. Leo thought he would explode with happiness and for the first time in a long time Leo felt fast! Dear Anika, I really liked your word review and your definitions were very thought out and helpful. Dear Class, I am doing a succinct is that spelled right? Leo doesn’t work as fast as his classmates in school. Dear Alex, Try to add more detail and make sure to use punctuations and overall just double check your work.


By the end of the story, Leo was a lot happier because of his friendship with Charlie the turtle. I erst it is slow and stead wins the rest but I wanted to break that down better for my students.

Choose one of the following prompts to respond to. Dear Class, I forgot say that I was doing a succinct summary. That is what Better than the Thah is about.

Slower than the Rest is about a boy named Leo who is resg fourth grade and is, quote, “slower than the rest,” which means that it takes him longer to learn things than other people. In Slower than the Rest Leo, one of the main characters is driving on a road and to his suprise stumbles upon a turtle, which he names Charlie.

Leo looked all around the street. He named The turtle Charlie and from the start he loved Charlie.


Charlie helped Leo to realize that he was not the only person slow at things. Kimball, I am doing a succinct summary. School was not the best place for Leo, especially since he was held back in fourth thab.

Surprisingly at the end of the story Leo realizes that he has slwoer lot in common with Charlie. Leo is slow so he is in a special class for slow children. Leo was considered slower than most kids his age because he learned a lot slower. His teacher loved his speech and his class did too.

These are all the words that I found interesting. Leo brings Charlie in for Prevent Forest Fire week and wins and award for the first time.


The nest day there is a assembly in the tnan. Dear class this is a text connection Slower than the rest was a heart warming story and I loved it. I liked this story, because it is kid friendly, and cute. Sorry if I confused you. Sincerely Owen 5 Reply Your comment will be posted after it is approved.

Choose slowwr of the cynghia prompts to respond to. Cooley 5th — Mrs. Finally, last but not least my last word is Plaque, a plaque is like a trophy but in a tile shape and it can be such a great honor that if you’re awarded with it you may, get your name engraved on the plaque.

By having Charlie help Leo through such tough times, Cynthia Rylant was able to show how friendship can make life better.

Slower then the Rest-Cynthia Rylant Theme – ProTeacher Community

He ended up winning a reward for his excellent report. He loved his turtle and was so surprised that he won. After talking about this, ask: It raced toward me and then I ran toward it and accidently scared it off. Leo has a hard time in some subjects like reading, so he loves Charlie. I am doing a Succinct Summary.

He aced it, because that friday, he got a reward for his report, and for the first time, he actually felt fast. One day his teacher gave him an assignment on forest fires, so Leo brought Charlie to school gylant explained how animals like Charlie are to slow to escape forest fires.