The artwork for the painting, done under the direction of Val Valerian, is (c) Corey Wolfe Areas IV containing works hy Michael Topper are fc) I99d. 23 May Valerian, Valdamar – Complete Matrix Books Online Free PDF . in the two- volume series, beginning with discussions of the concepts of. Here I will make several comments on what I have found in Val Valerian’s “Matrix III.” Without beating around the bush, let me just say that what I have found is so.

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You may have heard that the reptilians are the oldest race in the galaxy.

Worse than this, it is not even seriee “wrong” formula. Sadler discusses fallacious arguments that work by attacking opponents or their arguments: I haven’t even begun to discover everything that you have on the website. It is not just a number, like 1 or 20 or 20 or whatever.

Quest of matfix Spirit. Thank you for all the postings. Sadler discusses what sort of structure sets of claims must have in order to be arguments. The Dark is also actively entwined in all Light polarity endeavors and they will do anything they can to encourage their behavior. No wonder the strategies for keeping paradigms in place are more developed than strategies for changing them.


Furthermore, it embodies ‘relational analysis’ of ongoing dynamics which uncovers sreies information and info relationships not usually realized.

Unfortunately, this strategy reduces the idea of “knowledge” down to a matter of “control”. The material I’ve been releasing has not been released publicly for thousands of years.

Matrix V Gold Edition: Sadler discusses several fundamental concepts and how they are connected with each other. With the shorter lifetimes on Zeries, we are able to gain FAR more varieties of experiences. If we don’t conform, adjust, fit in, and measure up, something must be wrong with us. We don’t ask whether the values we use at work are the values we’d like our children to live at home.

There is nothing else like it. Henry Ford quickly noticed that creative genius and intuitive knowing aren’t useful on factory lines. Matrixx systems above people: This material is highly suppressed and you can see why.

In katrix, the rule is this – “if you can measure something, manipulate it, predict its function and then replicate it control the outcome of experiments on it – “it’s scientific and real; if not, it’s imagination or illusion. What is the truth behind genderization of bodies? Not once have any of these people asked me first if I wanted to be on such, they just ass-u-me that I will accept.

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Our minds become casualties of industrialization. Doing that changes the thrust of the materials. Cathie, and on p.

Full text of “Valdamar Valerian Collection”

All these constitute complex elements of the social environment. Its one stop shopping on issues and trends!

It has no physical dimension. Therefore, because speed of light, in our case is a dimensional quantity, you canot simply replace c to the 2nd power by c to 4th power in formula, because these two have different physical dimensions! Remember the common phrase too: It’s spiritual development that counts, NOT technology. Really appreciate all you do. Or one Visa Card?